The very first thing that we must do to reach a dark world is to SEE the NEED for JESUS. I’m hoping to share some things that God has placed on my heart lately.

As the major media outlets post controversial stories about people doing horrible things, it is easy to see that the media posts certain posts just for the sake of people arguing and posting comments and “likes”. As the media posts these stories that are often disturbing, hideous, hilarious or just flat out wicked, the comments and “likes” flood in and people from all over the world begin to share the story and talk about the story to whoever they communicate with during their day.

I am not posting this in order to talk about any story in particular that I read about. I want to note something else that I noticed.

Yesterday when ABC posted the story about Debra Lafave, (The teacher who slept with a 14 year old student in 2004) ABC was asking the reader to decide whether her appearance helped her get a lighter sentence or not. Many people responded to the post and their comments made me feel gross on the inside.

Many of the comments were people saying that they had wished they were that student back in the day and got to have that kind of experience with their teacher. Whether they were trying to be humorous or not, their comments made me see something clearly.

Things only got clearer in my mind after seeing ABC news posted another story about another woman named Brittni Colleps. This women was a teacher from Texas who was accused of having group sex with some of her students. It turns out that one of the students was bragging about what happened and eventually the little secret made big news. I once again saw people posting comments that looked at the situation as if there was nothing wrong going on.

I’m not wishing to get fired up and say “These women should be stoned!!!” But the truth is that the way the people responded to wickedness was sickening at best. Of course, I’m not expecting the world to suddenly respond to such news in a way that brings the fear of God into perspective, but I must day that I’m shocked at how ugly the heart condition of America is at this time. In Paul’s letter in the book of Romans Paul writes,

“Though they know God’s righteous decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them.” Romans 1:32.

Paul is diagnosing many people all over the world with a wicked heart that not only do not choose God, but encourages others to spit in the face of God along with them.

It is very evident that there is a wickedness and need for Jesus in every heart in every nation. How can we be the body of Christ and do something to help people see there NEED for Jesus? How can Paul’s statement in the book of Romans even convict us to commit more of ourselves to the world? The mission is never to throw rocks at sinners, but to point them to the Savior who took the punishment upon his shoulders so that they could truly live. The truth is that we all NEED Jesus, Paul’s statement is for our awareness.

People do horrible things, but let’s not let our voices be made known like the Pharisees. Christianity in America must get back to the basics. I’ll be writing about those essentials to Christian living coming up. We cannot help the spiritually blind until we uncover our own eyes to the sickness that resides.

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