“The Artist” Review

Review Writer: Benjamin Berkowitz

Title: The Artist

Year: 2011

Director: Michel Hazanavicius

Actors: Jean Dujardin, Bérénice Bejo, John Goodman

This movie is a story about what is going on in Hollywood in the year of 1927. It begins by showing the every-day life of a man by the name of George Valentin who is enjoying a successful movie making career until the movie making business advances into making movies with sound in them. As Valentin is making movies, he is romanced by the beauty of a young actress and dancer by the name of “Peppy Miller”. Peppy Miller and George Valentin share sweet moments making movies together, but division comes between the two when another director (played by John Goodman) contacts the young lady about doing a movie with sound in it. Peppy Miller doesn’t hesitate and this leaves Mr Valentin frustrated and saddened. Peppy Miller continues to be in one of Valentin’s movies on the side, but Valentin begins to get depressed as he sees less and less of Peppy Miller as she becomes more famous making movies without him and with sound. As the movie goes on, Peppy Miller becomes more concerned about Mr Valentin to the point where she thinks about him more than her career without him. It begins hitting her that she cares more about being with him than she does about being famous. Mr Valentin seems to get more depressed as the movie goes on, until the young lady follows her heart and proves to him how much she wants to be with him. The movie is close to having a nightmare of a conclusion before Peppy Miller encourages Mr Valentin that she wants to be with him. I enjoyed this movie very much. I think it is neat how I have seen more “silent” movies in the last few weeks than I had my whole life before. This movie was charming in its own way. I like the classy vibe that I got from the way that they dressed and their body language. Mr Valentin is constantly smoking and drinking throughout the movie. He gives off a “calm and cool” vibe even though his insecurities are evident in the movie. There is a catch to the movie that I don’t want to mention to anyone who hasn’t seen it. The characters are well-developed for a movie without much sound at all. Peppy Miller and Mr Valentin are a charming couple when they are together. I was highly entertained by the dancing that they do together. I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys watching movies where the plot is good, yet there isn’t too many things thrown in your face at once. It is a good movie to relax and watch with loved ones. I think it would be neat if directors, actors, and actresses attempted to make movies without sound in them again. It is something different from what everyone else is doing and I believe the movies will have a greater artistic feel than they do now. So many movies are either too predictable or way too complicated to understand in one sitting. This movie was well put together and I didn’t find it predictable at all. It is true that entertaining movies can still be put together without all of the unnecessary trashy humor that is placed in movies today. This movie was great.  It made me smile, laugh, and think about my lovely fiancé.


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