Wake up, dance around and throw seeds all over the place.

Cities are full of traffic and worry while tribes in another country worship a god who isn’t existing. Skeptics are hiding their tired minds in the basement of their doubts as the abused and confused continue to cry out. From the big cities in the United States to the desolate places in outer space, Your presence rests. Billions of burdens hover over humanity as they search for a void to kill their insecurity. Revive your people, wake them up from their slumber! People should be running to you because you abundantly pardon, but instead they stand believing their heart is too darkened.

Listen up, Jesus is drenched in compassion for those who truly seek Him. No human can measure the depth of His attributes or prove He isn’t existing. Jesus died and today He is still breathing. Spoke the earth into motion and now He resides in the Heavens and does whatever He pleases.

But lets get something straight, His Kingdom is coming.

Hey, every seeking-soul across the globe, come to the fountain and drink a truth that will bring you to the end of your journey to find the narrow road. Clothe yourself in His majesty as your soul’s cold is covered with blankets of truth as He brings healing to your bones. You don’t need wealth to receive living water within your chest. Drink what is free and give thanks freely, Praise the Lord and keep that bell ringing!

Celebrate! Sing songs of His kindness and shout for Joy for the Holy one of Israel is in the midst!

I believe in the raising of the dead. Hey Broken and cold.

Hey abused and “forgotten”

Hey lost and confused….

Come sit at the Masters table and dine with the Messiah. Drink a glass of wine with the lamb of God who took away the sins of the World for all who believe.

Why sit back and ignore the spiritual war when the enemy is stealing and destroying?

Why ignore this War when you’ve been invited to dress in Christ and dance in the midst of suffering?

Why turn to money when money is fleeting?

Why turn to materialistic possessions when they all eventually end up in a dumpster?

Why look to what the world is saying when the world is decaying?

Experience the presence of Jesus, lay down in green pastures. Humble yourself, confess your sins, His blood shall cover every one of them.

Inventions have been sent to every soul, do your part by responding by taking a seat at the table of the Lord. Run while the seat is still open! There is room for every Nation but don’t become numb to the invention.

This is the mission: Clothe yourself in Christ and invite as many people as you possibly can to come and sit at the banquet, so that every soul has a chance to escape outer darkness where there is gnashing of teeth and anguish. Throw seeds everywhere; invest in Eternity. For the coming of the Lord is closer than when we first believed.

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