American Holiday Stress

American Holiday Stress

 Thanksgiving has passed and Christmas time is approaching. Bellies are full and hands are ready to give and receive. New movies, video games, and various electronics are coming out to snatch the attention of America, a country where millions of people are constantly thinking about millions of different things. Despite the break from work and school, the holiday season doesn’t bring a time of rest and reflection to a majority of America’s population. The Holiday madness begins after Thanksgiving with “Black Friday” and continues all the way up until New Years Day. People are beginning to decorate, the giant Santa Clause blow up is in the neighbors yard. That guy up the road is competing with the Smith family for the prettiest Christmas lights and the Jewish people are playing dreidel while celebrating Hanukah. While many people busy themselves with holiday events, The season most likely brings more urgency and stress to American’s rather than a time of rest and reflection. Remembering that the holiday season is about the birth of the Savior of the World will lead America to rest, give, and be thankful during the holiday season. American’s kick the shopping madness off on Black Friday.

On the evening of Thanksgiving, much of American’s get very little sleep due to their determination to find the best deals on Christmas gifts on “Black Friday”. The madness begins as early as midnight when stressed and determined shoppers are flocking to local malls to purchase clothes, electronics and appliances that are selling for up to half the retail price. People see sales and tend to ignore the fact that they are already in debt. Many people who aren’t in debt already, go into debt by buying a gift for the sake of putting a smile on a loved ones face. Shoppers get frustrated, annoyed and anxious as they swarm stores with a mission to find that gift that they have been thinking about since they saw the advertisement. Parents are competing to get their kids the best gifts and children aren’t being shy about what they want on their wish list.

The Holiday also leads many American children to miss the point of Christmas. They begin counting down the days, reminding their parents what they want, and staring at the presents and feeling them when they are finally placed under the tree. Children across America are scanning their head about what they would like to have as a gift without any recognition of what the Holiday season is all about. The new Call of Duty game is at the top of many lists. Until they can get their hands on it, the kids continue to play their current version of the game that they are anticipating to be under the Christmas tree. Since many children don’t have money and they hear more about Santa Clause then they do Jesus, they get the idea that Christmas is about receiving a gift rather than giving a gift. The children are anticipating gifts from extended family who are stressed about getting to town.

As the holiday season is upon America, men and women from all around the world begin to scan their calender and plan with their families about a proper date to make plans to visit family. Extended family members are planning to be in town by requesting time off of work and buying airplane tickets. American’s need this time off of work in order to travel and prepare for the Holiday Season. People who are hosting the family’s Christmas dinner are preparing as perfectly as they can, hoping to serve a meal that is satisfying to everyone. While homes are being cleaned and meals are being prepared, some family members get stuck in air-ports in metropolitan cities due to flight delays. The stress of the planning and traveling leads America people anxious to come together and to be blind about what they really want, which is rest, which is what the one whom people should reflect on brings.

American’s tend to miss the opportunity to rest and reflect on what the Holiday season is all about. The season has negative effects on American’s due to selfish thinking mindsets that lead them

to be urgent shoppers who are willing to go into debt, anxious children who miss the point of the holiday season, and stressful planning and traveling delays that leave them frustrated with circumstances. The Holiday season should be wrapped up in celebrating the birth of the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ. The one who paid a debt that we couldn’t pay by traveling to a cross that we would not be in position to travel to. If people reflected on Jesus, they would find rest during the Holiday season by being thankful that God gave His only son while experiencing a peace that surpasses human understanding. I want to encourage everyone to celebrate Jesus not just this Holiday season, but forevermore.

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